Burgundy's Bresse country

Burgundy's Bresse country

Burgundy's Bresse: A tasty selection

Welcome to Burgundy's Bresse country! This fertile plain, where the plentiful watercourses reflect the bucolic nature of the many ponds and rivers often bordered by a former watermill.

Paysage Bresse Bourguignonne - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
The Seille River - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL Ibanez Aurélien/Bourgogne Live Prod

You're in the midst of a region where nature reigns and gastronomy is prized. Notable dishes include Bresse chicken (considered as the world's 4th culinary wonder, no less!) and the delicious “pochouse” freshwater fish stew (unanimously hailed by all those who've enjoyed a tasting in its native Verdun-sur-le-Doubs).

Poulet de Bresse - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Bresse chicken - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL Dagniaux Annabelle

This traditional country setting combines former mills, low timbered-framed homes with flared eaves or stunning half-timbered residences; the Bresse always leaves its visitors eager to experience more.

La Grange Rouge - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
La Grange Rouge - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL B-Wonder Romain Rozot

Louhans, the capital of beautiful Bresse country

Enjoying a reputation for both architectural heritage, highlighted by its famous main street adorned with 157 arcades dating from the 14th and 16th centuries, and gastronomy on display every Monday at its revered open-air poultry market, Louhans is a former medieval city with undeniable charm.

Its Hôtel-Dieu historic hospital, whose apothecary houses a superb collection of Hispano-Arab vases, old medieval centre, museums and human-scale river port all attest to a wealthy past when the Savoy counties mixed with the Principality of Orange, as history overlapped between Empire and Kingdom.

More information: https://en.bresse-bourguignonne.com/


Apothicairerie Louhans - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Louhans: Hôtel-Dieu apothecary - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL Sylvain PIERRE

The Seille River, definitely worth your while

Its source may lie in the Jura foothills, but the Seille is at its most appealing during its crossing of the Bresse country, offering river sports enthusiasts a slow, meandering and calm pace, ideal for all kinds of leisure activities.

Navigable for nearly 40 km between Louhans and La Truchère (where, just a few kilometres from its mouth, a natural reserve awaits amidst the fields, thickets, aquatic flowers, breeding birds and mills), the Seille is best appreciated aboard a kayak or how about a dragon boat (a long canoe inspired by the Chinese design), or even a stand-up paddleboard to work on balance, oars in hand.

But if you've got broader horizons (and want to see more of the Bresse), indulge with a week aboard a fully-equipped pleasure craft navigating between Louhans and Digoin.

La Seille - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Houseboat on the Seille - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL Yves Goux

The Bresse Eco-Museum and Cuisery's Eden Nature Discovery Centre

The Pierre-de-Bresse Eco-Museum and its annex sites spread throughout the Bresse country play a key role in understanding, preserving and developing the region. The Eden Nature Discovery Centre in Cuisery offers an original and entertaining presentation of local flora and fauna. These two highly enriching and complementary cultural stops immerse the visitor in the soul of Bresse country.

More information: http://www.ecomuseebresse71.fr/ and http://www.centreeden71.fr/

Chateau Pierre de Bresse - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Pierre-de-Bresse castle - Saône-&-Loire - © DSL B-Wonder Romain Rozot