Saône-&-Loire - The Cormatin Castle

The Cormatin Castle

Stage no. 5: by Mathieu

Through the eyes of members of the Thomas Family (Mathieu, 37 years old / Marion, 38 / Marius, 13 / Margaux, 10), experience Southern Burgundy's 9 "must-stops" as a sequence of episodes for a total immersion as intense as it is unforgettable…

Les incontournables de Saône-et-Loire
La famille Thomas - © DSL/vectorfusionart

" When I look back to this day, what comes to mind first is the quote from Nietzsche engraved in gold lettering at the garden entrance:

It is us who must reshape both stone and plant so that we can walk in ourselves.

Cormatin : château de Cormatin, jardin et labyrithe en 1er plan - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Cormatin: The Cormatin castle, garden and maze - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Ibanez Aurélien/Bourgogne Live Prod

I can't believe the effect it had on me personally… well, Marion and I had both written the "Cormatin Castle" stage at the very top of our list of "must-stops". Now there's no turning back: every time a castle is in the vicinity, we're ready to visit. But this one had something special to offer, something that really tugged at us, the gardens were truly splendid: their proportions most intriguing, I wondered what this famous vegetable patch could have looked like, how the whole layout fit in with the water displays.

And then there's the boxwood maze. I had this idea in mind: include Quentin and Sarah in a game of hide-and-seek within such a natural setting (in preserving the vegetation obviously), for the pleasure of hearing their bursts of laughter all the way to the castle moat.

But Nietzsche's citation resurfaced and nothing wound up happening as expected: I was the one who got lost on this exceptional estate. It reminded me of a timeless immersion experience, without augmented reality or reliance on 3D tracking, like at Cluny (fascinating as it was). I embraced the moment. "

Cormatin : la fontaine de vie dans le parc du château - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Cormatin : The fountain of life in the garden - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Givord Véronique

You'll also love the Cormatin Castle for…


  • The view of the castle from the aviary vista point in the boxwood maze: a spectacular scene absorbing the estate in all its majesty.
  • The opulence of the Louis XIII-period apartments: from the "golden rooms" (reminders of the subtle sparkle of Paris mansions in the Marais and at the Louvre) to the apartment of the Marquise (from the vestibule extending to the office).
  • Wonderfully-preserved apartments: flamboyant wainscoting, exuberant fireplaces, historic style ceilings beautifully painted and sculpted.


Cormatin : la bibliothèque du château - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Cormatin : the library - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Kris van der Stockt

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Along the Mâcon / Chalon-sur-Saône / Beaune corridor, no fewer than 16 medieval fortresses, Renaissance-period castles and manor homes open their doors as part of the Castle Road tour, the only such initiative of its kind. Whether publicly or privately owned, all of these estates welcome admirers of Baroque, Classicism or simply of the inherent architectural beauty and elegant gardens on display.

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