Solutré, Saône-&-Loire


Stage no. 2: by Marion

Through the eyes of members of the Thomas Family (Mathieu, 37 years old / Marion, 38 / Marius, 13 / Margaux, 10), experience Southern Burgundy's 9 "must-stops" as a sequence of episodes for a total immersion as intense as it is unforgettable…

Les incontournables de Saône-et-Loire
La famille Thomas - © DSL/vectorfusionart

The eiffel tower of the Mâconnais and the Burgundy

" The problem we faced when choosing the main stops on our Southern Burgundy tour was how to deal with the plethora of possibilities. I'm thinking, by the way, a second season of this "must-stop" tour needs to be planned, if nothing else for the pleasure of returning to Solutré and its iconic Rock: the Eiffel Tower of the Mâconnais Region and Burgundy.

Grand site de France - Saône-et-Loire


I couldn't help breaking into a jog in spite of the slope, although our little group expressed some resistance to the idea of undertaking the ascent. It's true that more effort is required in such a climb than careening downhill in one of Touroparc's giant slides. But in the end,

what ecstasy, what about that breath-taking panorama: vineyards as far as the eye can see

(commanding even more respect after enjoying the fruit of their harvest), the sister Roche de Vergisson off to the side with the village nestled downslope.

Solutré-Pouilly et Vergisson : les roches de Solutré et Vergisson, le vignoble, le village de Vergisson - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Solutré-Pouilly and Vergisson - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Ibanez Aurélien/Bourgogne Live Prod

And to top it all: the Mont Blanc we were lucky enough to spot from the summit. Simply awesome! Marius took advantage of the occasion to try out the “panoramic photo” function on his new smartphone (generating a record number of likes on Instagram for his trouble).

Solutré-Pouilly et Vergisson : les roches de Solutré et Vergisson, le vignoble, le village de Vergisson - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Solutré-Pouilly: Solutré - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Richard Semik - istock Thinstock

After conquering the Rock, along with Mathieu we were granted the right to descend. A glass of local Saint-Véran white at the Café de la Roche (the Grand Site Visitor's Centre, at the foot of the Rock, is highly recommended) was completely merited (what a treat). Because our family prides itself on its courage, we then signed up for the Prehistory Museum visit.

High praise for the level of attention paid to children (always appreciated) in this showcase of the Upper Palaeolithic period. Double enjoyment when the visit is combined with discovery of the archaeological and botanic garden, remarkable in all aspects (in passing, really a nice touch punctuating the path with theme-based information stations). "

Roches de Vergisson et de Solutré, bottes de paille au 1er plan - Saône-et-Loire Tourisme
Rocks of Vergisson and Solutré - Saône-et-Loire - © DSL Givord Véronique

You'll also love Solutré for…


  • Its "3 rocks" marked circuit creating a discovery tour of the two renowned local escarpments (Vergisson and Solutré) plus the Mont de Pouilly (the three of which encompass the landmarked Grand Site), in following the "Green Hike" labelled path for a great workout.
  • The Vergisson Rock: less well known that its illustrious neighbour yet just as exciting to discover and enjoyable to climb, if nothing else for the unique view it offers looking across to its twin sister in Solutré).
  • The incredible panoramic view from the village of la Grange du Bois (road access via the D31 road).
  • The ancient Roman Way, which runs along the base of the site: ideal spot for a picnic on the spur of the moment.
  • The prehistory Museum: Huddled at the foot of the Roche de Solutré, adjacent to one of Europe's richest prehistoric deposits, the Prehistory Museum offers a stimulating perspective of a period covering some 25,000 years through its extensive collections, models, sound and audio-visual animations. The culture of this prehistoric site is personified in Solutrean man (present here 16 to 20 thousand years ago), inventor of the eyed needle and responsible for masterpieces made from carved flint (laurel leaves) and who is duly showcased in this exhibition. Laid out on a former dig site, the archaeological and botanic garden offers an ideal venue to wrap up the museum visit

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